Why Choose Farmgio?

At Farmgio we believe our customers should have access to great tasting foods and drinks. We all know that food and drink is at the centre of every family or social gathering. However, good food and drink is also at the heart of a healthier body and mind. Choosing to eat and drink better is the ultimate foundation to feeling better and improved health.

At Farmgio we are committed to bringing you the highest quality produce for your consumption, helping you to make healthier, wiser and more sustainable choices in your personal journey to better health. We believe that life is better when you eat and drink better.

Our Commitment to You

At Farmgio, we offer the following pledges to our customers:

1)High Quality, Certified Range of Organic Products

Through our expertise we select the best range of organic products for you. We are always looking to grow our existing portfolio of products and manufacturers, as well as source new and innovative products.

2)Reliable & Flexible Supply

Delivering all sizes of orders, from small parcels to container-loads with accuracy and care.

3) Prompt Delivery

We provide a prompt and speedy delivery to all our customers nationwide.

4) Box breaking

We sell individual units as well as boxes. Whilst we tend to sell in boxed quantities, we are happy to break boxes to provide specific amounts that suit your size, shelf and storage needs.

5) Versatile ordering methods

We currently take orders via:

  • Online via our commercial website (click here)
  • Email via sales@farmgio.co.uk
  • In-store visit by account manager
6) Dedicated Sales & Customer Care Team

Our friendly support team is committed to delivering excellent customer care service whilst dealing with all your queries. Our Account Managers and Sales Representatives will be checking in with you from time to time and will respond to your queries and feedback.