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At Farmgio, we care about you and we care about our planet.

Our mission is twofold.

The first, is to make health easy: whether it’s by choosing the right foods to consume that support our overall health and well-being, or whether it’s by choosing the right products to use as part of our daily self-care routines.

The second, is to ensure that we too are playing an active part in caring for our planet, our environment and our wildlife by advocating and supporting sustainable farming and production processes. We believe we have an ethical and moral duty to preserve biodiversity, our environment and look after our planet for future generations.

Organic Products

Organic Foods & Pantry

We take great care to supply you with a wide range of certified, food and pantry staples ranging from spreads to sauces and cooking ingredients to condiments. With our expanding range of products, including vegan items, you will be able to find all your favourite pantry items under one roof.

Organic Beverages

Our delicious drinks and healthy juices are made from the highest quality organic ingredients without any additives, sweeteners, colourings or preservatives. Preserved using high pressure processing techniques, nonthermal preservation and sterilisation processes, these techniques help organic drinks maintain their nutrients, vitamins, minerals and enzymes, whilst remaining rich in antioxidants.

Organic Snacks and Confectionery

Our range of organic snacks and confectionery ensures that you can make heathier choices when curbing those sweet or savoury cravings. Using only the finest, certified ingredients you can be assured that our snacks are GMO free, with no added preservatives or additives. Just pure, wholesome, guilt-free flavour. 

Organic Dairy Products

Made from livestock raised through organic farming methods, our organic dairy products are preservative-free and rich in antioxidants, vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids, in comparison to conventional dairy products. We supply a wide range of certified, dairy products including yoghurts, kefir and your favourite variety of cheeses.

Organic Cosmetics

Our beauty and cosmetics range consists of organic, ethical, pure, vegan and cruelty free products. Made from pure ingredients, our products are more likely to work in harmony with your skin and body chemistry, significantly reducing the risks of allergies or reactions. Be kind to your skin and use only the safest products.