About Us

Farmgio Ltd is a London based, UK importer and distributor of organic foods, drinks and cosmetics, supplying wholesalers and retail outlets across the whole of the UK.

As well as importing from certified growers and producers in Europe and further afield, we also source high quality, certified, locally produced and sourced goods from UK farmers and producers, bringing you the finest quality products for your consumption.

Our customers include wholesalers, chain markets, on-line markets, retail shops specialising in organic produce, food halls, health and well-being shops, pharmacies, health and fitness centres.

Our Mission

Our mission is twofold.

The first, is to make health easy: whether it’s by choosing the right foods to consume that support our overall health and well-being, or by choosing the right products to use as part of our daily self-care routines.

The second, is to ensure that we too are playing an active part in caring for our planet, our environment and our wildlife by advocating and supporting sustainable farming and production processes. We believe we have an ethical and moral duty to preserve biodiversity, our environment and look after our planet for future generations.

No harsh chemicals on these products they are perfect for my sensitive skin.
Linda K.